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Dancewear fabrics

Full range of Lycras, jerseys, Sequins, Lames, printed lycras.

Further details about each item are available by clicking on the thumbnail.

Paper lame - Please click for more colours.
Diamond sequins - Please click for more colours.
6mm round sequins - Please click for more colours.
Hologram Foil on jersey Design 1
Square sequins- Please click for more colours
Carnival Harlaquen Satin
Star Satin
Multi Colour Candy Stripe Satin
Balloon Satin
Union Jack satin. Red and white Star Satin.
Spotty satin
Music Print Satin
Chinese Print Satin
Carnival Cotton
Rainbow Lycra
Holographic sequin satin
Holographic Lightening Lycra
Gunmetal Ice chip Lycra
Holographic Sequin Tulle
Silver Metallic Lycra
Gold Metalic Lycra - Micro Dot
Gun Metal Metallic Lycra
Red Metallic Lycra
Emerald Green Metallic Lycra
Turquoise Metallic Lycra
Emerald Green Sequin Wave
Gold Sequin Wave
Cerise Sequin Wave
Black Sequin Wave
Silver/ White Sequin Wave
Blue Sequin Power Net
Silver Sequin Power Net
Gold Sequin Power Net
Silver leaf sequin lace
American flag satin
Yellow Flower Power Satin
Black Flower Power Satin
Plain Lycra White
Plain Lycra Burgundy
Plain Lycra Pale Blue
Plain Lycra Wine
Plain Lycra purple
Plain Lycra Turquoise
Plain Lycra Brown
Plain Lycra Dark Cerise
Plain Lycra Black
Plain Lycra Silver
Plain Lycra Gold
Plain Lycra Flo green
Plain Lycra Flo lemon
Dancewear snakeskin lycra - Royal
Dancewear snakeskin lycra - Hot pink
Dancewear snakeskin lycra - Red
Dancewear snakeskin lycra - Silver
Dancewear snake skin lycra - Turquoise
Dancewear alligator lycra - Silver
Dancewear Zebra Lycra - Cerise
Dancewear Zebra Lycra - Silver/White
Dancewear Zebra Lycra Black/Red
Dancewear Lightening Lycra - Turquoise
Dancewear Lightening Lycra - Black/Silver
Dancewear Lightening Lycra - Cerise
Dancewear Fire holographic lycra - Red
Dancewear Fire holographic lycra - Turquoise
Dancewear Fire holographic lycra - Silver
Dancewear Fire holographic lycra - Gold
Union Jack Satin.
Dancewear Pebble Lycra - Black/Silver
Dancewear Pebble Lycra - Hot Pink
Dancewear Pebble Lycra - Gold
Dancewear Pebble Lycra - Silver
Dancewear Pebble Lycra - Black/Red
Dancewear Leopard Lycra
Dancewear green zebra lycra
Dancewear green zebra lycra
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